Training, Health and Safety

Barham United Welldrillers Ltd. management and staff are very aware and conscious of adhering to set health and safety procedures. In such an industry this is very important to the safety of our drilling team and those nearby the drilling site.

We have in house training programmes that are conducted with support and encouragement from all team members.

Protection and preservation of the environment is something that we take very seriously. Our aim is to have every team member arrive home safely at the end of the day.

For information about our safety or environmental procedures, contact us today.



If you have any water requirements on your property, our well drilling team can
inspect your property to discuss the process and options for:

  • New water supply bore holes
  • Repairs and maintenance of bore holes
  • Test pumping of water supplies to environmental council requirements
  • Repairs and maintenance of down the hole pumping equipment
  • Network of pumping, supplying and service companies

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We can assist with the following irrigation services for pastures, crops , glasshouses, market gardens and community supplies.

  • Test drilling and exploratory bores
  • Planning and designing of systems
  • Water well servicing, bore maintenance and well rehabilitation
  • Monitoring and test pumping
  • Installation and removal of pumps
  • Water quality testing

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Geotechnical and environmental drilling

Geotechnical exploration includes the drilling of holes for gathering and evaluating earth material in order to design and monitor construction projects, including the construction of buildings, bridges, highways, dams and mining sites.
Our geotechnical drilling services provide you with accurate, reliable samples and the data necessary to make design and engineering decisions.

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Instrumentation Installation
  • Hydrological Investigations
  • Construction & Special Projects

Contact us today to discuss your geotechnical and environmental drilling requirements.

Water Analysis

Accessing water is easy with Barham United Welldrillers. We drill to achieve the best bore available, test your aquifer, design a scheme and then commission your system.

  • installation of quality pumping equipment
  • service and maintenance of your water system
  • water, chemical and bacto analysis from approved laboratories.

Contact our welldrilling team today and we can arrange for specialist analysis.



About Us

Barham United Welldrillers Ltd. is owned and operated by Mike and Christine Ormsby. Together with our experienced team, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and commitment to our clients. This and our practical drilling experience help us to provide you with the best result possible at the most economical cost.

We use top quality machinery and equipment, giving us the capability to provide solutions for high-end clients. We operate four drilling rigs and make use of an associated support plant and equipment. Based in Te Awamutu we service the greater central North Island.

With such extensive experience in the industry, our team can provide well informed advice relating to any of the services that we provide. So if you have any questions about welldrilling, or our capabilities, give us a call today.

Training, Health and Safety

Barham United Welldrillers Ltd. Management and staff are very aware and conscious of adhering to industry Health & Safety procedures. We take great care to ensuring the safety of our drilling team and those nearby the drilling site.Read more


frequently asked questions


  • Do I need a permit?

    1. You need consent to drill from your local Environmental Council.

    2. You need consent to take if your requirements exceed 15m3 a day

  • What are our water requirements?
    Click here to view our guide chart.
  • How do I choose my site?
    3 ways:

    1. Your site must be all clear of septic tanks and effluent ponds. 

     You must leave enough room for future servicing.

    3. Proximity to power must be satisfactory. 

    If you need advice on how to choose your site, please contact us.

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